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This is my FIRST TIME to post a joy reserver as an online seller since 2013 (other platforms & diff accounts). I have maximum tolerance when it comes to posting. If I am bad & inconsiderate seller, I should've posted over 50 of them already. Reason I did not post them - they are all sincere and HUMBLE to admit their faults. Hence, forgiven...But this person is an opposite. Siya na joy reserver, siya pa may attitude!....Wow! Congrats! You've made it to my Hall of Fame as my FIRST ENTRY EVER! Ms. MILANIE CAMPOSANO, you said I can't do anything about it if you don't settle your payment? (see convo). Yes, I can't do anything to make you pay your obligation. But this is what I can do - To make other sellers warned that you are a JOY RESERVER, TIME WASTER & ARROGANT PERSON. You boast that I should read about "No Return No Exchange policy." Well, you should read and UNDERSTAND the law carefully. Why? Because this law shall only apply if you have RECEIVED the items and that the items are proven to HAVE DEFECTS/DAMAGES without your knowledge upon purchase. Hence, the policy of no return no exchange is void. Our case was totally different. No need to discuss 'cos it's self- explanatory. Only idiots would not understand. Besides, I've never mentioned or posted about No Return No Exchange Policy. The WARNING is CLEAR. I reminded this to you before you reserved, but you still did this. Sorry not sorry, I will follow my own policy. JOY RESERVER = REPORTED & POSTED! Let this be a lesson to you - to respect someone's time and effort. I ignored other inquiries and offers for you because I've accepted your offer...and you will just cancel after few days of waiting for your payment? I can still let it pass though, if you are just humble enough, but you shown arrogance instead. Thus, this post is well-deserved! Note that I have censored the unit address because I am still a considerate person. I am a working mompreneur & taking up my post grad studies. Time is very precious to me. Yes, I am strict but I am kind to those who follow simple standard policy and responsible to their commitments. Thank you to all my good & responsible (repeat) buyers. Back off please to joy reservers & time wasters like this person! Respect begets Respect. #MilanieCamposano #LanieCamposano @lanieC0512 #Blocked #joyreserver #bogusbuyer #arrogantbuyer #irresponsiblebuyer #instantcash #instantfame #bags #dress #gadgets #sale #repriced #bargain #rushsale

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