Ber-Months Promo Toyota Vios super low down Payment!Hurry up Grab yours now

PHP 20,000
Makati City, Philippines

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🚘🚦 BEAT THE EXCISE TAX🚘🚦 CHECK OUT OUR LATEST PROMO!!! 👍TRANSFER YOUR APPROVAL TO US😊 👍Low Downpayments 👍Hassle Free Transaction 👍Fast Bank Approval 👍Lots of Freebies 👍Great Customer Service 🚧🚦All In Promos is for Metro Manila Addresses Only. If not ,Out of Town Charges may applies 🚦🚧️Limited Banks approve 15% DP. 🚧🚦Higher chances of approval for 20% DP. 🚦🚧️All DP are subject for Bank Approval. 🌲👊PROMO INCLUDES👊🌲 🚥1 yr. Comprehensive 🚥Free Chattel Mortgage Fee 🚥3 yrs. LTO registration 🚥Tint 🚥Rustproofing 🚥Floormatting 🚥Set of Standard Tools and Jack 🚥Spare Tire 🚥Free Labor for 1st 1,000 and 5,000 mileage check up ✏🍎REQUIREMENTS: 📝If Employed: 🚥 Contract of Employent or 🚥Certificate of Employment with compensation 🚥 ITR 2316 🚥 Proof of Billing ( Latest ) 🚥 2 Gov't Idsued Id's 🚥Filled Up Application Form ( can be sent via Email ) ✏🍎If Self Employed or Owns a Business: 🚥 Bank Statement 🚥 ITR 1701 with AFS 🚥 Proof of billing ( Latest ) 🚥 Business Registration 🚥 2 gov't issued Id's 🚥 Filled Up Application Form ( can be sent via Email ) ✏🍎If Ofw: 🚥 Contract of Employment 🚥 Proof of Remittance / Bank Statement 🚥 Proof of billing 🚥 2 Gov't issued Id's 🚥Filled Up Application Form ( can be sent via Email ) 🚦🚧🚘️For Faster Response please do Txt/Call or you may leave a message. 🔢🚘For more Information or Inquiries: 😊NORA MATEO🚦😊 Marketing Professional Toyota PASIG 🔢GLOBE : 09177931217 📝Email: JUST PM ME FOR THE FULL DETAILS