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Product details of Baofeng Single Band Walkie Talkie Two Way Handheld Radio In both the summer and rainy seasons, power outages or blackouts are expected in the country. During summer, the temperature gets too high that people tend to overuse their cooling appliances, thus causing overconsumption of power and eventually, shortage. While in the rainy season, utility posts fail to withstand strong winds and flood, and cause interruption. Since no one can tell how long an interruption can last, it’s best to prepare for the worst-case scenario, and two-way radios like the Baofeng Single Band Walkie Talkie Two Way Handheld Radio can be of great help. The Baofeng Two-way Radio runs on high capacity Li-Ion battery that ensures long standby time and usage. Two-way radios and walkie talkies have similarities and differences, but both are effective communication devices in the absence of other more modern gadgets, especially one that has a long communication range. Aside from dangerous situations, the Baofeng Two-Way Radio can also be used during lighter, less hazardous situations. During events or conventions--which are normally done in expansive grounds or halls--the organizers and management staff use walkie talkies to communicate with each other. When a team or personnel is needed in one area, the organizer can easily contact them without the need for texting or calling. Even if the venue is too big for each staff to personally converse, it’s still small enough that the frequency range of the walkie talkies is still within reach of each other. This Baofeng Walkie Talkie allows for both English and Chinese reporting number command. Note: Please choose other logistics when planning to purchase 2 or more units.

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Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines

Hi Here's the details on how to purchase via Meet-up / Shipment / Cash on Delivery: MEET-UP *P40 (SM San Lazaro, UST, España, Recto, U-Belt, Quiapo, Binondo, Sta Cruz, Monumento and Retiro area) *P80 (LRT1 / LRT2 Stations) *P120 (MRT 3 Stations) *P120 (MOA, Trinoma, SM North, Gateway and SM Ayala) ========================= Cash On Delivery: P180.00 (Metro Manila Only) *Please allow 1-2 working days for the delivery* ========================== For more infos contact/viber us : 09076712304