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●Free Shipping nationwide & A 3-day Returns is Accepted in case the Product has been MISREPRESENTED. ●Worldwide shipping charges is to be handled by the buyer. 🛑OVERALL CONDITION : This is a "USED" Item but is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Rank 8/10. ●MAJOR ISSUES : NONE. ●MINOR ISSUES : Moderate heel drag but not overly worn out. Mild wear & usage only. 🛑GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC - LOUIS VUITTON WOMENS HIGH CUT RUBBER SHOES/LACE UP SNEAKERS IN LV MONOGRAM PATTERN. ●ORIGIN: Made in Italy + Code. ●ACTUAL COLOR: White w/ metallic gold &brown stripes. ●ACTUAL MATERIAL : Gnuine soft calf leather. ●SIZE: 40 EUR... 9 1/2 US... ●INCLUSIONS: NONE. ●EXTERIOR: EXCELLENT - ●INTERIOR: EXCELLENT - ●DO INQUIRE IF YOU NEED FURTHER ASSISTANCE. THANK YOU.

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Baguio, Philippines

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