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Atlas Scientific Electrical Conductivity Kit K 1.0


1 year ago by ph.makerlab


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Atlas Scientific Electrical Conductivity Kit K 1.0 This Atlas Scientific Electrical Conductivity kit includes the K1.0 conductivity probe and the EZO™ Conductivity Circuit, when combined are accurate from 0.55 µs/cm to 500,000+ µs/cm and is best deployed in brackish water. The included calibration solutions will help you dial this sensor in (it’s really easy, we promise). Simply connect the probe to the conductivity circuit using the included BNC connector breakout, do some quick calibration with the included calibration solutions and you’re ready to measure conductivity, total derived solids (referenced to KCL) and salinity! Salinity values are derived from the Practical Salinity Scale (PSS-78) and more information can be found in the datasheet. If you’ve ever had to test or monitor the conductivity of aquariums, hydroponic gardens, soil samples or strong reducing agents, then you know that building and maintaining an accurate probe system has never been this easy. The Atlas Scientific Electrical Conductivity Kit, is part of Atlas Scientific high quality water monitoring sensors, other sensors inlcude Atlas Scientific’s Dissolved Oxygen Kit, and Atlas Scientific Ph Kit. Kit Includes: EZO™ Conductivity Circuit Platinum Conductivity Sensor (K=1.0) 2 x 125ml (4oz) calibration solutions Female BNC connector BNC connector breakout board Conductivity Circuit decal 1 PWR-ISO (add + P1250.00) Features: Measuring Surface: Platinum black coated platinum Body material: Epoxy Max Temperature: 0-70 Degrees C Max PSI: 1379 kPa (200PSI) Conductivity readings +/- 2μs/cm Full Conductivity range from 0.55 µs/cm to 500,000+ µs/cm Temperature dependent or temperature independent readings Total dissolved solids (TDS) referenced to KCL Salinity is derived from the Practical Salinity Scale (PSS-78) Data output is a comma separated string: μs, TDS, Salinity Single reading or continuous reading modes Simple RS-232 connectivity (voltage swing 0-5v) Simple instruction set consisting of only 6 (not including calibration) commands 3.3V – 5V operational voltage

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