Asus GTX TITAN X 12GDDR5 White camo copper backplate & EK Waterblock

PHP 38,000
Quezon City, Philippines

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(RUSH) Selling my Asus GTX TITAN X 12GDDR5 (Maxwell) Build log video : Specs: Note : With the white circle sticker warranty on vram, Also the stock cooler included/complete accesories, added thermal pads and spacers beneath the copper backplate, the pure copper backplate was built from scratch. . never been Oc'ed, benchmarked 7 programs; cinebench, KIte Demo, Unigine Heaven 4.0, Tomb Raider & ROTTR, GTA5, Battlefield 1 and OpenGL in Blender.  see the gameplay & performance of TITAN X with Redux Ultra v3 | sets on MXAA 2X, Ultra, Grass Add-on (to avoid dithering) ASUS 3 year warranty ('till August 2018) Power Supply Used: 1st - NZXT Hale82 700W 2nd - Seasonic p860 860W Platinum (Now) Meetups : SM North/Trinoma, Munoz, MRT stns: North-Ortigas,  Contact : 09065114902 Reason for selling : need budget for another build

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Quezon City, Philippines