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PLEASE READ! MAKE READING A HABIT Wanna have like a smartwatch feel but just want the music really? Or tired of using your smartphone for music? And wanna go kinda old school! Get this watch with more music function 💚 #Freedelivery #itsaguything CONDITION:8/10 signs of use screen protector since day 1 RFS: no longer using it. COLOR:spacegrey color BATTERY:VERY GOOD STILL IN PRESTINE CONDITION CAPACITY: 16 gig ISSUE: needs repair stuck power button no time to go and have it repaired na thats why selling for low price! YES STILL WORKS EVEN WITHOUT THE POWER BUTTON WORKING! OTHER SPECS PLEASE JUST GOOGLE THANKS! NOTE SOME OF THE ITEMS I POST HERE ARE NOT WITH ME IN MANDALUYONG UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE SO SOME ITEMS MAY REQUIRE SHIPMENT SHOULDERED BY THE BUYER :) Happy shopping!!

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