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ACTIVATED CHARCOAL PERFECT WITH BENTONITE CLAY (Based on my experience!) FROM 160 PESOS TO 100 PESOS!!! SURPRISE SALE!! UNTIL SUNDAY ONLY 😍🎉 #idotrades #sweldosale 💗Bentonite Clay - recommended for skin detox. Benefits include skin tightening! This is my favorite mask!!! 😍 Swipe to the left!!!! ✨ ✔️Natural teeth whitener! ✔️Ultimate charcoal face mask ✔️ANTI ACNE!!! (Proven) 💋 ✔️FOOD GRADE ✔️WITH HALAL CERTIFICATE BEST WITH BENTONITE CLAY OR KAOLIN CLAY! 💗 EFFECTIVE! I'M ALSO USING THIS! 💯 IMPORTED CARBON Size: 50 grams Food grade means can be taken internally which is good for detoxification. ⏺Activated charcoal uses: ✅ Body Detox (Can take orally! Don't panic, Its organic! 💯) ✅ Whitens Teeth ✅ Body Bleeching ✅ Face mask ✅ body mask ✅ Pore strip (Blackheads and whiteheads removal) ✅ An effective natural treatment for acne ✅ Body Scrub ✅ Face scrub ✅ DIY Eyeliner How to use as a teeth whitener? ✔️ Dip a clean wet toothbrush into the powdered charcoal. Brush your teeth in circular motion for 2 mins, spit and rinse well. ✔️ You may also mix it with water and swish it for 2 mins just like a mouthwash 😉 How to use it as a DIY mask? ✔️ You may use the activated charcoal alone, mix it with water or by mixing it with Calcium Bentonite Clay and Extra Virgin Coconut oil or by VCO alone. Apply on a clean face and leave ot dry for 20 mins. You may use it 2-3 times a week! 💯

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Manila, Philippines

📍U-belt, manila area 50 pesos handling fee

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