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  • springfield_autumn
    ☺Read First. Then Assess with Common Sense.

    ⚠Important Information for Fellow Sellers: 😇A True & Serious Buyer... ...Gives the information needed to finish the transaction: name, cell. # or/ with Address if it's delivery. ...sets a definite day, time, & place. ...won't make you wait for long for their answers. ...will update you. ...follows rules. ...does as they say they will do. ...are Courteous & kind. 👹A Fake Buyer: ...asks for a lot of things already stated. ...doesn't follow rules. ...ask for all of your information but will not give out theirs. or if they'll give it, it's fake. indefinite answers. ...makes you wait for long & won't update you. If they'll follow up they'll just make you wait longer so as to waste your time. ...won't do as they say they will do. ...lacking conscience, will make everything hard for you by asking you for unnecessary things. ...makes insolent remarks. TIPS: *When a person makes an offer to you about an item, click their picture. Take a look at their feedback. It will help you a lot to know about the person your dealing with. *Don't give out your number unless you see the individual serious in buying & has followed all the rules: made an offer & gave you their full name & cellphone # & has set a definite place, date, & time (if meet up). If Delivery: Same, only add their address. *Ignore haughty, Insolent & Silly remarks. Don't respond. It only gives them what they want, your attention & reaction. Be good always. That's all that matters. God knows and sees what's in the heart and mind of a person. *Set rules & time period & be firm in them. If they won't follow ... well you know what to do. But still be kind to them.

🛏-Rush Sale- Unique Sofa Bed from Germany


3 weeks ago by springfield_autumn


PHP 1,700




___________________________ FOR SERIOUS & SURE BUYERS ONLY! ___________________________ Size can be seen in the pictures. How many inches its width and length. Rush Sale Rubber Foam 12 inches thick Just needs cleaning Different from the other sofa beds because of the under & style which makes it unique. Comfortable. You won't feel the floor cause of its thick foam & under. It's elevated so it won't be hard to get up. While the pillows shape can be made into a flat one which is longer or the shorter but elevated one. Not heavy. 1 person can easily carry it. Great for living room & playroom. For SURE BUYERS: You can come & get it in our house here in Marikina. Just send a message when your coming. Will meet you up in a mall then bring you to our place for pick up. ☺ 1. Kindly negotiate through chat. Introduce yourself. 2. Once you're sure to get it, message me only within the week in which you'll get it. Make an offer. Give your phone number. Set a day, time. Text when you are on your way. Thanks.


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