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📚 Spiritual /Inspiration (B) Learn From the Great Teacher * Theirs is the Kingdom * Treasury of Virtues


1 month ago by the2ndshopmnl






🚫 ṔḼỄẤȘỆ ṚÊȀĎ! Check all photos/conditions BEFORE proceeding or asking questions. You may want to visit this shop’s ABOUT US posts (¬‿¬) ƦḖẨḒ ṀÖŖẺ..... ▼ ▼ ▼ POST UPDATE: 21Nov2018 Pre❥ condition: 10/10 LEARN FROM THE GREAT TEACHER Jennifer Boudart = 120.00 7"x9" 256 Factual and accurate Bible stories for children based on Biblical scripture. Vivid color pictures. THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM Lowell Hagan, Jack Westerhof = 180.00 7"x10" 326 TREASURY OF VIRTUES Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, PA, USA = 250.00 9"x9"x1.25" 384 Twenty well-known childhood stories, each with a message about virtues. If you have small children and you want to impress upon them the importance of being virtuous, then this book is highly recommended. ▼ ▼ ▼

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hepriquiHindi ko pa man nakukuha item ko eh mag-review na more
1 week ago
the2ndshopmnlSuch heartwarming & kind words po! Even before receiving the books! Never po ako na-irita sa questions niyo, in fact, I felt guilty being a little too OC & strict haha, dala lang siguro ng "holiday pressure." You made my month po! Can't help but read this again - tamangtama kasi stressed ako w/ work today, so perfect mood na ulit ako! Yay! Will surely say a little prayer for all your intentions! A blessed new year to you & your family & may God give you the blessings you deserve! THANK YOU po!!!
ninacrissVery very accomodating and understanding seller. more
2 months ago
kelzshoppeThank you very much for the fast transaction.
1 month ago
the2ndshopmnlYour most welcome! I'm sure my SS collection is in good hands! Enjoy! God bless you!
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