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Available now!!! 💯Authentic GLUTA LIPO 12-in 1 Slimming juice with Glutathione... For Sale❗️Php 350.00 only❗️❗️ 1 box contains 10 sachets You can now be back in shape and achieve a Glowing White Skin at the same time.💞💕 #trendingslimmingjuice# ⛔️Gluta Lipo contains no added sugar, Artificial colors and artificial flavors ⛔️with Glutathione for Whitening, detoxification, anti-oxidant and improve your immune system ⛔️with Garcinia Cambogia for slimming, fat blocker, boost metabolism and appetite suppressant ⛔️All Natural ingredients ⛔️Safe for breast feeding moms ⛔️Non Laxative ⛔️Manufactured in an FDA and Halal Approved Plant Product description: ▶️Gluta lipo is proudly Philippine made with some all natural SAFE and EFFECTIVE local and imported ingredients. 1box contains 10 sachets (20g) ▶️Gluta lipo contains 12 natural,effective safe and side effect free main ingredients wich are very valuable for slimming whitening and glowing of skin plus antioxidant health benefits to prevent disease such as cancer and delays signs of aging. ▶️Gluta lipo detoxifies and cleanses the body specially the colon or big intestine and remove unnecessary waste and toxins leading to a smaller and more toned tummy. ▶️Glutalipo is a lemon iced tea flavor that taste so good and contains STEVIA. a sugar substitute wich is healthier that subsequently contributes to a lesser calorie intake from the juice ( guilt free juice) ▶️Gluta lipo results may vary from person to person depending on various factor,but some reported whitening and glowing slimming improvements after 2 to 3 weeks of daily intake. message me for orders or text: 09453399369 Note:No cancellation of orders once confirmed

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