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Our chewy chums are made from food-grade, 100% safe silicone, & are perfect for your little one to chew on. Entertaining for your little one, these colorful friends are sure win for boys or girls. Fun, easy to grab, easy to hold, & safe to chew. If your little one is anything like ours, they will absolutely love them. • LENGTH: approximately 40cm (pls note that these are not mommy necklaces) • BEADS: 12mm round beads o Pendants have sensory bumps/grooves/ridges for soothing o Individually knotted silicone beads, so if your little one pulls the clasp open, no beads will come off :) o SAFE, GUARANTEED and CERTIFIED HIGH QUALITY SILICONE BEADS (similar to pacifiers, nipples, and soft-bite infant spoons). SGS- and PONY- tested to be 100% food-grade silicone beads. BPA-free, PVC-free and Phthalates-free; no lead, cadmium and heavy metals • CORD: Stylish silky-smooth nylon cord -very durable and dries fast • CLASP: Breakaway safety clasp, in case your little one tugs too hard BENEFITS: AS A TEETHER/NURSING NECKLACE: These fun danglers will keep your little ones entertained while you're on the go w/ fun colors & lots of sensory fun! You can also attach it to your bra as an alternative to nursing necklace to encourage longer feeding time for distracted feeders. AS A CARRIER/STROLLER TOY: Equipped w/ a break away clasp, just snap these onto your baby carrier, car seat handle or stroller for a fun take along teether! AS A FIDGET/SENSORY NECKLACE: This necklace can be safely worn by kids & is safe to chew on to help curb certain habits: * Hand fidgeting * Nail biting * Pencil/Eraser chewing * Hair twirling/chewing * Finger/Pencil tapping * Chewing/sucking on clothing/sleeves These necklaces are recommended by therapists and pediatricians because they allow the child to bite into a chewable necklace instead of their nail/hair/clothes. If your little one vents her frustration by biting others or bites nails/clothes, encourage him/her to wear one of these necklaces instead. By using a fidget necklace to help curb these habits (especially in a classroom setting), your child is better able to focus on the teacher and the tasks at hand. They will reduce and over time, eliminate their bad habit. PLEASE CHECK OUR PRODUCT LISTING FOR OTHER DESIGNS :) LIKE US ON FB: FOLLOW US ON IG: @momandlittle #affordable #tinytots #baby #babystuff #newborn #babyph #babyitems #feeding #fashionbaby #breastfeeding #breastfeedingph #breastfeedingpinay #nursing

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