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‼️itsmepatchilovi BOGUS BUYER‼️Buyer & Seller of branded bags Kate Spade, Longchamp etc


10 months ago by amya1


PHP 1,425






She changed her name to itsmepatchilovi. wonder_mmmmmm made a reservation on an item that I’m selling on March 21 midnight. She told me that we’ll meet up March 22 (Thurs) 2pm, I said I can’t and instead can we meet up at around 4pm which she agreed. Come Thursday, she said that she won’t make it at 4pm and if ever I could wait for her, so I waited. Come around 6pm she texted me asking if it’s okay with me to meet up tomorrow instead since she’s with her bf’s mom, which I agreed. I asked her what time will we meet up the next day and she didn’t reply to my text and chat. On Friday I called her but she kept on ending the call, she texted me stating that she’ll meet up with me after her interview. I asked her what time, and She told me she’ll inform me the time around 12nn. But she didn’t text me around the time frame that she gave me. So around 2pm I asked her what time because she didn’t text me as she promised. Then she replied stating that she’ll be free after 4pm. I said okay, I’ll wait for you at the meet up area until 10pm, to help her just in case she’s really busy. Around 3 pm she texted me she did not have enough money with her, and if it’s okay for us to meet up on Sunday instead. I said okay but please make sure we’ll really meet up on Sunday because I’ve been sacrificing a lot of my time for our failed meet ups already. She said Sunday 2pm. Come Sunday, she told me she wouldn’t be able to make it at 2pm. Instead, she asked us to reschedule the time to a later time or the next day which is Monday. I said I’m available only on Sunday buy I can wait her again until late at night. I asked her what time and she said she’ll inform me, around 5 pm there’s still no update of our meet up time so I texted her. And she told me she’s still in megamall and she’ll be in Tomas Morato afterwards. I offered to bring the items personally to her, free of charge but she didn’t reply already. It is then that I decided to leave a negative feedback already because she is seriously fooling me. She has no conscinece of wasting my 3 whole days waiting for the failed meet ups. And she wouldn’t tell me before hand that she would not be able to make it. She would always cancel on me on the meet up time itself, thus wasting my entire day. She clearly has no respect for her fellow carousellers. She has no respect for other people’s time and she has no respect for other human beings.

Kate Spade


Leather (Genuine)

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4 months ago
fredzcornerGreat seller, excellent customer service. First more
5 months ago
rjc009Great seller to deal with!
6 months ago
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