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werewolf3007 Insincere. Tried repeatedly to bargain despite me clearly stating that the price is firm. Tried to get me to go to Bugis even though it's clear that the pickup is at Bukit Panjang MRT. Despite knowing all this, made a bid, and I reserved the item for her for 3 days. Buyer then went missing. she claims she was lost, and 'will maybe' pick up later. 'claims my home is far' when the listing is clear. Even sent her directions. Claims I was overseas, I ALREADY CLEARLY TOLD HER MY MUM WILL MEET HER.

Im not leaving in singapore i just told u i was there for only 2days. And its hard for me to look your place, as a buyer i ask u to give me a consideration to meet up but unfortunately ur overseas that day. I told many times saying sorry to u.


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