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Pleasant transaction! Thanks sis and happy trip 😊😘


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REPRICED Parisian Basic Navy Blue Heels

PHP 30025

H&M Basic Off Shoulder Striped Top

PHP 2503

Zara Basic Romper

PHP 2806

Earth Music & Ecology Floral Dress

PHP 3000

H&M Denim Jacket

PHP 4507

H&M Basic Off Shoulder

PHP 15016

Sheer Top

PHP 2003

Mango Basic Striped Dress

PHP 3006

Bershka Denim Jacket

PHP 40021

H&M Printed Cami

PHP 2308

Sleeveless Sheer Top

PHP 2504

Sleeveless Sheer Top

PHP 2505

Lacoste Shoes For Unisex

PHP 1,5005

Zara Trafaluc Denim Jump Suit

PHP 15084