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I had a contract with the seller and have an agreement but the seller sold it to another.. so sad, after waiting for the photos of the item that took so long.


Hi dear! I sent you multiple messages asking if you are interested. I also sent you the pictures. Then you sent me a message that youre out of the country. You cant blame me coz i told you to send me a message to confirm but you didnt. Im kind enough not to pose joy reservers in my page. Next time please respond to messages so sellers wont be left wondering. Enjoy your trip and god bless! :)


Thank you so much ma'am! Nice buyer. ❤️ Til next time.


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Trainer. Shopaholic. Foodie. Shoe lover. Bags. Perfumes. I'm an addict! 😂 😂 😂

Canon Eos 1100 D

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Canon Eos 1100D

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Welcome to Carousell!

Welcome to Carousell!

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